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Program Structure Overview

UNITESERVE will conduct various programs to fulfill is goals as stated in the Introduction . Each of the program is a combination of research, educational and organizational activities. Let me provide general overview how the various programs are distributed through the various sites of the UNITESERVE platform.

The UNITESERVE Platform is made of many sub-platforms as various subdomains of Each of these subdomains will have various programs associated to it. Each program is made of package of one or more elementary subscriptions. Each elementary subscription is made of one or more projects and services. Here by project, we talk about group activities of educational or innovative in nature. By services we refer to services provided by professionals and organizations in various sectors. The programs, subscriptions, projects and services are interconnected to each other. In the UNITESERVE Platform the subscription packages are made of collections of various elementary subscriptions, and they can be purchased at the shopping page . For registering, sign up information, and enrolling into various projects and programs: click here.

The programs are related to various sectors of human activity, such as healthcare, education, business, consumer industry, etc. They are innovative in nature and will aim to manage and transform a part or whole of these sectors. Usually, a program may involve many sectors such as career development program, while specific services and projects could be more focused towards various specific industries. .

Among the various sites (otherwise subplatforms) the projects and services sites are special. The projects site at are organized around various projects, and all programs at the site are integrated along with it. The services site at mainly has professional services and all programs at this site are built on it. Other sites use these two sites or get used by these two sites. Below is the table of various sites and programs available in them. You can find about the various services and projects in them by clicking on the relevant link..

To enroll as service provider for programs click here. You may also need to purchase various packages to engage with subscribers.
To purchase packages associated with programs for both service providers and receivers please click here.
To post your free profile as service provider please signup and go to Profiles Site.

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