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Health Program

Submitted by Suresh Kumar Maran on Thu, 01/14/2021 - 20:11

Health Program is aimed at supporting the health industry and patients. Health, both psychological and physical welfare is interconnected with all other components of human activity, either economic, educational, and social activities, etc. Health Program will have the activities such as:
•    Disease prediction
•    Treatment Tracking
•    Disease Counselling (both body and mind)
•    Educational Programs
•    Food and Diet Programs.
•    Epidemic Detection
•    Drug Resistance Detection

This program involves development of comprehensive health program aimed at subscribers. Long term health information is gathered from Subscribers, to look for effectiveness and side effects of various drugs, to look effective cures, detection of disease trends, etc.  Health program will interface patients, doctors (subscribers) and researchers.  Awareness program will be conducted to educate health patients. A team will be assigned to study each patient using their health profile in comparison with global data patterns.

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