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Non-Profit Activities

We have important charitable activities as integral part of UNITESERVE organization as discussed in the introduction page, and we request you to donate to us to support these activities. The non-profit activities that we focus on are related to research, education and other activities related to the following list:

  1. Research and Application of Science of Relationship phenomena
  2. Balancing self, relational and technological development
  3. Solving critical problems in the world
  4. Self and Relational Management training for Individual, Groups and Organizations
  5. Interfacing Academic, Business and Government Organizations
  6. Scientific Foundations of fields coming under Human Sciences including behavior, social sciences and economics
  7. Promoting Basic Sciences
  8. Artificial Intelligence
  9. Training in Educational, Business and Financial Management
  10. Tackling Socio-Economic Issues
  11. Promoting International Relations
  12. Promoting Family
  13. Improving Healthcare Services

The above list of activities may overlap with each other. A more refined list with detailed plans will be published later. In the above topics we conduct three types of things: 1) Support for basic research in the above listed areas as grants to be conducted in various institutes accessible to public 2) Development of a journal program to publish the research that is accessible by public and 3) Conducting workshops and training programs in relevant areas for underprivileged population to uplift them.

People can support and participate in the development of these principle non-profit activities in many ways: 1) Financial Donation 2) As a partner 3) Supporting through services such as publishing and 4) Receive grants to conduct above activities. Those who wish to do this can sign up in this website. Extensive information will be provided online soon.

We request you to help us support these non-profit acivities. You can donate now or pledge support to these activities and specify your specific location, issue and demographics to which you are willing to donate. The fund you pledge or donate will be routed to a specific non-profit entity depending on your location. Please fill the charity enrollment form to know us of your interests by clicking here .

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