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  1. For the initial UNITESERVE Platform launch the world has be divided to two groups.

    • Group 1: Developing Economies
    • Group 2: Advanced Economies

    For developing economies pricing, shopping operations and currency is managed with India as the center. The currency for purchasing services will be Indian Ruppee, and incorporated legal entity that handles the operations and responsibilities are UNITESERVE PVT. LTD. India.

  2. Posting New Preprints
    Go to the publications home page .
    Click on add preprint (or click here). Fill the title, abstract and classification field. Add author information. Save the preprint.
    You will see an upload file link. Click on it add a new upload.

  3. After registering new purchase, if you are in any of our client site such as services, projects, or  publications, etc., you can sync and update your permissions as follows: On the right side user menu, click on my accounts. Then click on update account.

  4. If you don't want anybody send invitation to become member of groups in projects or services site, visit the my account page. Click edit, set allow invitation choice as needed and save.

  5. To set your profiles to public/private visit the profiles site. In the rightside user menu click on profile privacy link. Set the privacy level as you wish.
    If you set your profiles to public it doesn't mean that all the profiles will be public.

    Visit manage profiles and click the link manage profiles in the right side user menu.
    The 'about me' profiles can be set to private or public by editing them. In the edit page for each profile, you can see the profile privacy checkbox at the bottom to choose.

  6. Please go to the services website. If you are professional who has permission to create report forms for various services, on the right side you can see your content page. Go to your content page. On the page you can browse the contents you have created including report forms. You can create report forms or edit the report forms you created.

  7. Schedule a meeting with your group

  8. In the Services platform there are four services: career, business, education and health. To subscribe to a service you need to click on the shopping link on the top right corner. Browse the various packages. Buy the subscription service.

  9. In the Services platform there are four services: career, business, education and health.

    Filling report forms for a service

    Go to your the group home page. Click here for instructions. In you group page you will see the link for filling reports. You can also browse the list of available forms.

  10. Go to the services home page . Click on the browser item on the top right menu. Click on your consultancy profile for professional services.