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Adding project members

Go to the projects home page . Click on the link for project dashboard on the right-side menu. When you see the project management dashboard, click on the project posts. Click on one of your projects to go to your project dashboard.
On the top right side under Manage Project you can see search and invite member link. Please click on the link to browse the available members. When you choose a member to add, click on the invite link to add the member. Fill up the invitation message. An email will be sent to the member. Once member accepts the invite link in the email, you see his name listed in the group tab in the project page. Click on the group tab in the project page. Click on the people link in that page. You can see the list of group members. You can edit the member role if you want. You can assign various available roles you would like to the member. Some roles are available only if subscribed to the appropriate package. For this you need to visit the shopping page and purchase the appropriate package.