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Project Guidelines

To create a project please click on the project dashboard on the right-side menu of the project home page. There click on create project. A project is also a group where you can add members after creating the project page.
If you plan to make the project group public, you need to fill up the following:
• Project Title: The project title needs to brief and clear.

Creating and Managing Projects

Go to the project home page . Click on the link for project dashboard on the right-side menu. When you see the project management dashboard, click on the project posts. Click on one of your projects to go to a project. On the same page you can see various links for posting various content to your project groups. You can edit the project description and other basic items by clicking on the edit tab.

Creating and managing your relationship group

If you are enrolled in a project platform, you can see the link on the right-side menu for project home page. Click on the link. In the home page click on the link for going to your relationship group. If you have not created your relationship group, you can see the link for creating your group. You will be taken to a page for accepting the user agreement. You can read the agreement in the given link. After accepting the user agreement your group will be created. Your group page will be mostly empty, and it will fill as you fill up reports.

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