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Project Guidelines

To create a project please click on the project dashboard on the right-side menu of the project home page. There click on create project. A project is also a group where you can add members after creating the project page.
If you plan to make the project group public, you need to fill up the following:
• Project Title: The project title needs to brief and clear.
• Project description: This is a brief introduction to the project which should convey the specific background information regarding the academic or economic area this problem belongs to, and also problem this project trying to solve and why it needs to be solved.
• Project Objective: This needs to clearly indicate the objectives of the project. What needs to be achieved.
• Project to do list: This lists the list of things to achieve the project objectives.
Then the save the project. It takes you project page. From there you have all the information needed to manage and organize the project. On the top right side of the project you have the links to create new content such as activities, activity notes, etc. Also, you can add new members to the project by clicking on the link for browsing the users who have their profiles posted. On the profile list click on the link for inviting member. It will take you to the project page.