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All research work done and published by the founder (Suresh Kumar Maran) together form complete whole series of work spanning entire global human activity, aiming to tackle issues related to survival and advancement of human species. Its way broader, deeper, and interconnected than most people think. This includes the following:

1) Intellectual properties associated with the UNITESERVE PROJECT such as trademark, patents, designs and copyrights and

2) Research work associated with social sciences such as the bookset 'The Emotional and Relational Foundations of Human Advancement'.

All agencies worldwide either of individual, corporate, organization or government are strongly warned from misusing these intellectual properties, or misrepresenting ownership. They are strongly warned against misusing UNITESERVE trademark, which is intended to bring global political and economic unity to tackle world’s most challenging issues of humanity. Such actions will have serious long term global consequences for humanity. All these intellectually properties will be constitutionally managed by UNITESERVE group of companies, incorporated in US, India and UK, and other companies which will be incorporated all over the world.

Currently all the business plans and proposal is being submitted to UN and other governments for legal review and funding. After this founder will be transferring all IP to a holding company to be managed by an international committee. Those who want participate needs to work with them. All private entities are warned from implementing any organizational plan, without proper engagement with the governments and legal checks.

There are only three ways to utilize the intellectual property properly: 1)Become a partner in UNITESERVE project legally 2)Learn directly from the founder and apply into your business or national activities 3)Do research and learning to understand the integrated nature of all these over a course of several years and apply it to your business or national activities.

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