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Projects Program

Submitted by Suresh Kumar Maran on Tue, 01/12/2021 - 21:10

The projects platform is a sub-platform of the UNITESERVE platform. The projects site has three interconnected programs:

• Projects Group: the projects program is for doing various projects using organic groups. Projects can be created and managed by a subscriber. Each project is a group that has various members playing various roles. Each project can be a public or a private group. Depending on the role’s members can post tasks, things to do, articles, updates, etc. Please visit the project site clicking here .

• Relationship Group: The relationship groups are groups that can be created by a subscriber. It has an admin and other members who follow the group. The relationship group can be used to implement the relationship program. For more information regarding relationism program click here.

• Entrepreneurship Group: Each subscriber of entrepreneurship program can create one or more of entrepreneurship groups. It uses projects groups and relationship group as a part of entrepreneurship program. For more information click here.

• Career Group: Each subscriber of career program has a career group created. The career group is highly detailed program. It uses projects groups, entrepreneur and relationship group as a part of career development program. For more information click here.

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