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Entrepreneurship Program

Entrepreneurship Program is part of the projects platform to help would be entrepreneurs convert various projects into products and services. This will done in integration with relationship, projects and career program in the projects site. Students can form entrepreneur groups at the projects site to investigate new products and services, and do network and marketing with established companies.

New entrepreneurs can consult us through the business service providers available on profiles sites on the below items.

  • incorporation,
  • protecting intellectual property such as copyrights, trademarks, and patents,
  • use of cloud services such as the amazon web services and its benefits,
  • use of websites and content management systems,
  • understand company financials,
  • research and development relating to business,
  • developments in science and technology that are relevant to your company, and
  • social environment and social skills need for entrepreneurship.

Availability of these services depends on availability of business services providers. Business service providers who wants to support entrepreneurial support can sign up at the accounts site by buying the entrepreneurial service provider packages for organizations or consultants. Also the entrepreneurs who want to avail these services need to the sign up for the Entrepreneurial: trial program.

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