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Career Program

Students now a days are prepared inadequately for global economy. Most of them go to schools with getting their grades up as the primary goal. Until they face the prospect of getting an employment, they realize how inadequately they are prepared. ¬In developing countries where there is a big gap between education and targeted economic activity, we have serious problems. There is absence of role models and absence of guidance, and students are in great disadvantage. Schools while they put effort to get education, it is beyond them to give full career development program. This is where the UNITESERVE’s career development program comes in. It aims to help students, parents, and schools with comprehensive career related support

UNITESERVE career development program have the following stages:

  • Orientation: Promotion of motivation to consider career as important part of life. To understand everybody plays a role in the global community, to discover his role, such that he has a proper balance of skills, opportunity, and motivation in that aspect. During the various orientation programs members will understand the big picture of a career is and what is the various components of it, how to acquire it. The members will develop a long-term plan to how develop their career, and various aspects of it.
  • Introduction: Introduction to various careers, their prospects, and what is economically needed, etc. This is having both regional and temporal aspects. The demand for various careers differs from region to region and time to time. The introduction to various carious careers helps in linking the personal interests and to careers in demand.
  • Career Areas:  Picking one or more area and start exploring them. This involves hands on approach where you get into the details of a specific career area, through online introductions, and presentations by various experts in the area.
  • Education: Learning about one or more areas of career through textbooks, or lectures.  This program is largely done through enrolled in degree programs offered by various institutions. If you are in school, this many require tuitions. Online course programs are also important.
  • Skills: Students learn the skills associated with the career choices. This may involve practicing hobbies related to career area, doing various projects. The project platform can acquiring the various skills.
  • Experience: Learning about the career by direct experience in real life. This involves doing internships and various forms of work experience. The project platform can help acquire the various programs.
  • Networking: Getting to know and Meeting people who are already pursuing the career. Getting to know various organizations that is involved in various careers. Through networking you acquire information, knowledge, you find you career partners, consumers, employees, investors, etc.
  • Engagement: Actually, starting the career as a professional practice, as part time or full time. This done by either getting employed, becoming a partner, starting your own company, or becoming a freelancer.

Each stage we do the following activities.

  • Guidance: Guides helps by providing suggestions, and advice to help the student proceed various stages.
  • Counselling: This involves in depth discussion about various issues the student is facing
  • Coaching: This involves various learning skills.
  • Teaching: Teaching various subject knowledge.
  • Mentorship: Mentorship involves dedicated work by one or more expert to develop a career track.
  • Balancing RQ and TQ: Both relationship and technical aspects are addressed.
  • Evaluation: Each stage evaluation is done through multiple evaluators who is experienced.

Most of these activities will be provided by member organizations and UNITESERVE will providing the organization, quality control, research, and development support. Currently the organization is in the process of setting up the career development program, and will be available at selected locations.
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