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Relationism Program


Humanity is rapidly evolving. Ever increasing technological advancement is changing the way we live our life. But converting technological advancement to economic advancement -- to promote of life and long-term survival -- is a challenge. For this matching advancement in human relational aspects is required. Without which people cannot work together to address the world’s greatest challenges, issues and crises

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RQ-TQ imbalance

Technological advancement is obvious to most people. Relational advancement can be considered as advancement of social structure, cultural aspects and social skills that promotes economic productivity, quality of social and family activity, and psychological quality of life. The advancement in technology is driven by advancement in physical sciences. relational advancement is driven by advancement in human sciences. But the promotion, advancement and utilization in the later areas is sluggish compared to the former. Please watch the video for brief review of advancement of human sciences vs physical sciences. Economic advancement requires advancement in both relational and technological aspects. One of the major focus of UNITESERVE™ is promote relational advancement to achieve this balance.

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