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Business Services

Here are the below list of business services that will be provided directly through us or through various participants.

Advertising: When you sign up as service provider at our service portal you can promote your goods or services to the subscribers. Also, your good and services can be promoted throughout the platform wherever they are relevant by creating your own advertisement. Please buy the Advertisement Package when it is available for services.

Business Networking: We conduct online meetings to build a startup ecosystem. The Relationism program and entrepreneurship program contains part of it business networking. You can sign up to meet and collaborate with other members by enrolling in the relationship and entrepreneurship group at the projects site .

Business Consulting: Various business consultation services will be provided based on availability. Please click Business Consulting for more information.

Business Research: To achieve the goal of global economic management we are building models to understand the dynamics of the global economic system. This is done as part of projects site . Please look through the site for various research programs.

Promotion and awareness program: Promoting public interest and awareness of various topics related to social and economic advancement. Please click here for more information and sign up to participate in this program.

Intellectual Property: We provide tracking service for managing intellectual property. Tracking intellectual property is done through the recording program. As part of our ecosystem, we can help to get funding, and potential entrepreneurs who like to start this program. These services will be provided as part of entrepreneurial program.

Human resource Services: Our career program aims at training students and graduates to create a fulfilling career. Through the career program following services can be provided to your employees: recruitment of employees, training of your employees, evaluation of your employees, and other services. Unlike other recruitment services this program is not a passive service that only provides info on human resources, but an active program where the candidates are trained through a long-term career development program.

Business service providers who provide various services in the above list can post their profiles in the profiles site.

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