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Public Awareness Program

Submitted by Suresh Kumar Maran on Thu, 02/11/2021 - 18:51

UNITESERVE program will conduct extensive awareness through live and social media to promote relational advancement in context of education, entrepreneurship, social and economic advancement. Please click here to know more about our relational mandate.

 Participating in this program may require signing up of a Non-disclosure agreement. Some of the focus topics are as following:

  • balancing social and economic advancement,
  • improving human relationships, particularly in overcoming, ageism, sexism and racism
  • improving international relationships,
  • improving educational and business services,
  • interfacing individual academic, business, and government entities,
  • adoption of emergent technologies,
  • solving critical problems in the world,
  • promoting basic sciences and scientific foundations in the field of humanities and social sciences, and their applications to the world’s most challenging problems.
  • Awareness of balanced investment in social and physical sciences.