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Consumer Program

Submitted by Suresh Kumar Maran on Thu, 01/14/2021 - 20:00

Consumer Program aims supporting the consumer activity. Consumer industry is a major part of global economic activity. Science and technological progress are interconnected with consumer industry; they both drive each other. So, it is important to know trends and patterns in consumer industry both for understanding the global economics, and improving related science and technology, and improving consumer satisfaction.

This program aims at building a subscription-based program which aims at consumers. Consumer program aims at interfacing manufacturers, consumers, and retailers. Information from the consumers will be passed on to governments, manufacturers, and retailers, and vice-versa. Ultimately, the information gathered will be used for research in the global economic management and transformation project. Here are the various activities in the program.

•    Consumers will be provided with counselling on consumer products.
•    Education on various products will be given.
•    Problems and risks on using various products will be explained.
•    Comparative study of various brands will be given.
•    New products will be promoted.  
•    Money saving methods will be explained.
•    New product requirements will be passed onto manufacturers.
•    Evaluation and Training will be provided to customer service agents.
•    Health Risks will analyzed

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