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Economic Management and Transformation Project

This project can be technically referred to as Universal Activity Stabilization and Transformation Program (UAST). This is one of major goal of UNITESERVE™ organization and is connected to all other projects and programs.
Global Human activity have become significantly complex and also volatile over the course of time. Current global economic activity keeps going up and down and is non-trivially interacting with psychological, social, ecological, health and political changes in human society. Also, humanity keeps transforming in various aspects technologically, socially, educationally, and culturally, etc. When all these factors fit together properly the world could be productive. If they do not align together properly the effect could be many things, economic issues, global conflict of economic and political in nature, or any kind of global problem, and severity of which could be as simple as economic severity, or are as extreme as economic collapse, global military conflict, or a pandemic.

This project has two purpose: 1) Activity stabilization (Economic Management) and 2) Activity Transformation (Economic Transformation).  The first part consist of creating a complete feedback system, 1) information collected from global human activity in various areas is used to predict the future trends, risks, and various aspects of current global phenomena, and 2) using these, fully analyzed feedback is sent to subscribers, both individuals and organizations, to reduce volatility and promote optimum global economic progress.  This is an advanced research, consultancy and information services program aimed at local governments, companies, and institutions. The second part consists of study and planning of the inclusion of new technologies taking into account the various global aspects and give feedback information so that global transformation occurs in an optimum and healthy fashion.

As mentioned, this project involves gathering of data of global and local human activity, study of technological transformation, and feedback is provided to various organizations to stabilize global societal activity. One of the major challenges is balancing TQ and RQ. As have discussed in many places TQ is advancing faster than RQ and it has many negative effects historically. So RQ and TQ needs to be balanced. All these involves creation of research projects and collaboration with existing research projects to study global human diversity phenomena:

1.    Study of the demographics,
2.    Environmental factors,
3.    New technological changes,
4.    Resources both physical and human,
5.    Social and psychological aspects of communities,
6.    Relational structure of communities,
7.    Organization and institutions present,
8.    Social and cultural changes,
9.    Local political changes and its geopolitical interaction,
10.    Stock market flow,
11.    Market disruption, and
12.    Global health and pandemic like disruptions.

The various activities on which collection of anonymous information will be performed will be the following: education, health, and consumer industry. Data Science will be used to mine patterns that will be valuable to economic forecasting and planning. Technological changes happening, and the various scenarios of technological adaptations their benefits in solving various problems will be studied in detail. The feedback will be used to enhance services in various subscription programs and other projects. Reports will be given to the various entities such as local and national governments, and international entities for the development of human potential.  The RQ and TQ balancing relates to the Relationism project.

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