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Relational Mandate


Humanity is rapidly evolving. Ever increasing technological advancement is changing the way we live our life. But converting technological advancement to economic advancement -- to promote of life and long-term survival -- is a challenge. For this matching advancement in human relational aspects is required. Technological advancement is obvious to most people. Relational advancement can be considered as advancement of social structure, cultural aspects and social skills that promotes economic productivity, quality of social and family activity, and psychological quality of life.

The advancement in technology is driven by advancement in physical sciences. relational advancement is driven by advancement in human sciences. In this site human sciences stands for social sciences such as sociology, economics, management, etc. and behavioral sciences such as psychology, social psychology, child psychology, etc. But the promotion, advancement and utilization in the later areas is sluggish compared to the former. Economic advancement requires advancement in both relational and technological aspects. One of the major focus of UNITESERVE™ is promote relational advancement to achieve this balance. Let us discuss the various challenges that it will focus on and how it will benefit the world.

Economic Issues

With world globalized heavily, there are issues rising both in developed and developing countries. Movement of jobs from developed to developing countries is having negative economic impact in the former. Developing nations are finding ways to bring bulk of its people out of poverty and provide a good quality of life. Automation and rise of artificial intelligence have been threatening jobs all over the world. Addressing all these requires how people are educated, trained and employed. Most importantly converting technological advancement to economic advancement requires entrepreneurship skills. Entrepreneurship skills are largely sociological in nature, which needs to inculcated in your both business and academic training.

Quality of Services

Humanity has tremendous advancement in technology. But lack of comparable advancement in relational aspects can be seen throughout the world in businesses, educational institutions, and government organizations. For example, some areas that can undergo deep changes are teaching in schools and universities, business management, law enforcement, etc. Throughout the world, if customer service in a company involves more than reading some details, problems often can be seen; the staff/customer own personal psychology gets in the way. In most management courses, what most students’ study are just summary of practical issues and how to tackle them using some popular methods. But many of these ideas are not based on a systematic scientific foundation which needs to be addressed through research and development.

Robotics, AI and Remaining employable

For businessmen and leaders, relational intelligence have been always important. But now consider the employees in any institution. Most job in the world that just requires technical expertise and physical work will be overtaken by computers, artificial intelligence and robots soon. The jobs that may be left to humans are those that require social elements. So, to be employable, it is very important a person improves his skills in managing these elements.

Promoting Science and Technology

Humanity is challenged with solving problems through complex operations involving people and technology for its advancement, in business, academic and/or government institutional settings. The intellectual sophistication and the complexity necessary are ever increasing. Our ability to take up such complex projects in fact requires relational intelligence. Promoting this, not only improves people issues, but also promotes technological advancement by promoting creativity and intelligence.

There is a problem with imbalance in progress between basic science vs its technological applications. Progress in fundamental sciences lays the foundation for human advancement both in material and relational aspects. Technological revolutions are consequences of breakthrough in fundamental sciences. While technological applications are growing very fast, but progress in fundamental sciences have been stand still for several decades. This can be related to change of basic social psychology associated with priorities people assign to various activities of their community or group based on the immediate economic needs.

There is another issue in the fundamental physics research itself. Major advancement in basic physics is copiously done in theoretical models, such as string theory, loop quantum gravity, cosmological models of universes, etc. However, these are purely speculative, and therefore one need to consider that such developments are being influenced by psychology and sociology associated with the research groups and individuals.

Therefore there is a need to rejuvenate fundamental sciences and address all aspects including sociological, psychological and economical aspects that hinder its progress.


To summarize advancement in all these issues requires advancement in both relational and technological aspects, using developments in both human and physical sciences. Therefore, UNITESERVE™ will focus on balancing these two aspects of human advancement and intends to take up and promote complex research projects, develop solutions and provide services to business and government organizations that are beneficial to mankind to solve the above issues and other similar others. The knowledge and understanding, which are already existing and will be further discovered, will be put to use by UNITESERVE™ through partnership with other organizations with similar goals, to transform industries and stabilize economic activity

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