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UNITESERVE™ provides a platform for services and projects across all industrial sectors as integral part of its purpose. The main areas of focus are education, career, healthcare, business, and consumer services, etc.

Students, consumers, patients, teachers, entrepreneurs, companies, experts, researchers, leaders, etc., of all relevant backgrounds are welcome to join UNITESERVE™ as a subscriber or service provider or both.

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Opening account

You can register by clicking here. During signup or after that you can fill up the account information to inform us about yourself and your general interests.

Subscribing to receive services

You need buy the relevant packages in the shopping page to subscribe various services. Currently most services are afford as trial when you buy UNITESERVE PACKAGE 101. This package contains the ebookset Theories on Humanity. After buying the trial package members can get access to projects and services site. They will be also able to login into publishing site to download the ebook.

Subscribing to provide services

Professionals can post their profile free at the profiles site. Professionals and companies can enroll to provide services in various programs by signing up the various enrollment form by clicking here . After fill and submit the enrollment form, your application will be reviewed, and you will be enrolled.

Investment and Partnership

Selective people can become partner by investing in the UNITESERVE group of companies and contributing to the platform. For more information on investment and partnership please click here.

Participating in the projects

Members can participate various projects as part of career development program or for contributing to various economic management transformation projects. Through the Projects platform members can create their projects, or join with projects of others. A member can join the various research projects of our organization. A member can enroll in various projects of UNITESERVE organization Project Enrollment

Members of Interest

UNITESERVE™ invites the following people to join us as partners:

For services subplatform

The following members are invited to participate to join the various programs in the services sub platform and get paid by providing services.

  • Education professionals such as teachers in various fields
  • Business professionals offering various business services
  • Healthcare workers such doctors
  • Healthcare testing professionals
  • Consumer professional with knowledge and skill in consumer gadgets

For projects sub platform

The following members are invited to participate to join the various programs in the projects platform and get paid by providing services.

  • Social skills trainers
  • Researchers in sociology and psychology
  • Behavioral Neuroscientists
  • Business psychology experts
  • Business model researchers
  • Government-Industry-Academy Interfaces
  • Education Psychologists
  • Child Psychologists
  • Interdisciplinary Experts with specializations in above list
  • Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots
  • Block Chain Experts
  • Data Science Experts
  • Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Experts


New Graduates or Student researchers who are willing to follow a career in the interests of UNITESERVE™ are especially welcome. If you are interested please signup to fill up our participation profile. We look for those who are located or willing to move to San Francisco (US), New York (US), London (UK), Bengaluru (INDIA), or Mumbai (INDIA) which will be the initial locations of activity. An organizing meeting will be arranged through video conferencing soon. Many of the activities of the UNITESERVE™ will be conducted through video conferencing facility available through virtual office providers. We urge you to sign up for our newsletter, where the announcements will be made. Also follow us on our social media sites for updates.


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