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UNITESERVE Partnership and Investment.

This document explains how you can become a financial partner and invest in the corporate entities of UNITESERVE organization.

1)Partnership and Acquiring shares for individuals

As the UNITESERVE organization is ultimately dedicated to human advancement, shares cannot be acquired as way to make profit as ultimate goal. But yet the organization needs to reward those who help build the organization. The shares in UNITESERVE group of entities can be acquired only through participating in various programs in the organization, for the development of various purposes and goals. These programs should not be part of paid service, or those where a member earns money through the platform by providing service to the users. Nevertheless, an innovative contribution that incidentally comes out of this can be rewarded with shares. First, non-voting shares will be offered in periodic reviews. This will make them eligible to participate in organizational teams that help manage the organization. Later with mastering of UNITESERVE organization and Mastering of Theory of human relationships and scientific relationism, voting power, will be offered. This will be done at periodic review.

2)Partnering and Investment for Financial investors.

UNITESERVE organization will help in building startups through use of its platform, relational networking, marketing, business services, research and development support and training programs. Various organizations can subscribe to this program and directly invest in the startups. Certain percentage of the investment will be acquired by UNITESERVE organization as fees. This is not a passive program, but an active program where the investor is directly involved in overseeing their investment, as a partner. The startup program will be directly integrated into the career development program.

3) Partnering and Investment for Governments and Organizations in training program.

UNITESERVE organization provides career development programs and conducts various projects that is of national importance. Government can invest directly in these programs specifically tailored to various regions.  The funding needs to be offered as an interest free loan, and subscription programs will be repaid as free or subsidized subscriptions to the subscribers in these regions. Also, as a reward for investing in developing these programs, prioritized and subsidized programs will be offered for a certain period of time. Also, various organizations like banks, companies or academic institutions can invest in developing various training programs to cater to their needs.

4) Nonprofit investment in basic research and critical problems projects.

UNITESERVE organization through non-profit entities will manage various projects that is freely accessible to anyone.

1)Basic academic research in sciences and economics

2)Tackling critical problems in the world.

3)Helping  the economical weaker groups of regions.

Individuals, organization, and governments can fund these various programs through charitable investment. For more information, please click here.

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