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UNITESERVE PACKAGE 101: Guidlines and Terms of Service

Guidelines and Terms of service for UNITESERVE PACKAGE 101

The worth of the money you paid is in the book “Theories on Humanity”, which is the most advanced book written on humanity. The entire platform is built to test and apply the book to global issues. The readers can create local groups throughout the social media to create local subgroups to discuss and exercise the various ideas, while we test the platform.

The trial programs are made available to test the platform intended. So, everything is provided as it is. The users are advised to proceed with caution. The trial programs are recommended for those would like to help test and develop the platform, wants to become part of the UNITESERVE project. Here is the best way to use this program.

  • Use the trial program for learning about the platform and programs.
  • If you simply want to observe and learn you can become subscribers to various groups in the projects site.
  • Use the trial program to lean to provide services through the platform.
  • Use mock data, rather than real data if you need privacy, in the services platform.
  • Please do not use ideas of intellectual value in the project’s platform while testing it. Use which are more in public domain, tailored to your needs.
  • Later after the recording program for storing evidence of intellectual property contents has be introduced, you can start using the platform for real life situation.
  • Please use the ticketing system to give us feedback:  Customer Support
  • Use the trial program to apply for internship, jobs and to become a partner.
  • Use the trial programs to network with other participants.
  • Use the trial programs to learn and become a future admins, guide or managers in various groups
  • These terms may change from time to time and all updates will be posted on this page. You are advised to review these terms periodically for any changes. Sometimes we may notify of critical information by email if you are registered with us. If you feel that we are not abiding by these terms, you should contact us via the contact page.

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