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UNITESERVE open to internship

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This platform is newly launched, and it aims establish a worldwide infrastructure to promote long productivity and fosters innovation and entrepreneurship. All future employees and partners including officers, and staffs need to undergo training program to understand the principles and skills needed to support this venture. The only way to become employee of UNITESERVE is to join as intern or volunteer and undergo this training. Even if they don't engage with UNITESERVE in long term, undergoing this training and experience will help them career and become effective member of global community.

UNITESERVE is open to internship. Below is the list of experiences that you will learn. Having previous experience in these areas is preferred.

  • Marketing
  • Graphics design
  • Networking
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Leadership skills
  • Career development experience
  • Specializing in various areas of focus.
  • Data Analysis
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Online website managment

Selective interns who would like to become long term partners or officers of UNITESERVE will undergo advanced relational training offered by the founder. This program will train you to become global leader in economic management and transformation.


Please make a general application for employment/internship using our general form to be considered for various positions. Also look for specific jobs advertised through our profiles site by clicking here .


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