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Employment and Internship: Further information

Internship Enrollment Form

Users who want to get employment at UNITESERVE can apply for various potential job positions that will be needed for the organization. Either they apply directly for a job or as an intern to gain experience. Those who want to work with UNITESERVE needs to be interested in the objective of the UNITESERVE platform, to create a relationally intelligent world.

New Graduates or Student researchers who are willing to follow a career in the interests of UNITESERVE™ are especially welcome. If you are interested, please signup . We look for those who are located or willing to move to San Francisco (US), New York (US), London (UK), Bengaluru (INDIA), or Mumbai (INDIA) which will be the initial locations of the activity. An organizing meeting will be arranged through video conferencing soon. Many of the activities of the UNITESERVE™ will be conducted through video conferencing facility available through virtual office providers. We urge you to follow us on our social media sites for updates.

We will require those with expertise in the following: • Marketing • Data Science • Cloud services • Drupal CMS Programming • Content Writers in various fields • Economic researchers • Sociology and Psychology experts • Event Organizers • Career Experts • Startup Coaches

Please make a general application for employment/internship using our general form to be considered for various positions. Also look for specific jobs advertised through our profiles site by clicking here .

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