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Membership Types

You can participate in UNITESERVE at various levels. The following list defines the various types of membership.

Basic Membership

This is the basic membership, common to all other membership. It includes the following:

  • Get trained and certified
  • Networking with fellow members
  • Participation in community awareness events
  • Participate in online discussion groups

Professional Membership

They help in providing services in behalf of our organization. It includes:

  • Basic membership
  • Get certified
  • Provide training, evaluation and certification for consumer
  • Get licensed use of special training tools
  • Participate in workshops
  • Organize or participate community awareness avents

Organizational Membership

This is for organizations which participate to utilize our organization services available soon. It includes:

  • Basic membership
  • Employee training
  • Organization evaluation
  • Customer relation improvement
  • Organizational certification
  • Interfacing with other organizations
  • Partnership

Employment Seeker

Our organization looks for employees, who help in running day to day operations of the organization. Please sign up to be invited for interview. The duties include:

  • Management
  • Logistics
  • Communications
  • Fundraising
  • Interfacing
  • Marketing
  • Organize community awareness agents
  • Organize workshops

Author Membership

They help in supporting our magazines. It includes:

  • Includes basic membership
  • Provide articles for our magazines
  • Review articles for our magazine
  • Participate in awareness events

Research Membership

Help in doing research and development related to our services and projects. It includes:

  • Includes author membership
  • Do research in various projects
  • Review research articles
  • Help in interfacing organizations such as universities, colleges, businesses, and government organizations.
  • Publish research articles
  • Direct research projects
  • Conduct workshops
  • Data collection for research programs
  • Fundraising

Partner Membership

They participate in our organization in our project and services. It includes:

  • Basic membership
  • Collaborate in all our projects and services
  • Interfacing agent
  • Help in execution and logistics
  • Help in data collection for research projects
  • Technical support and collaboration
  • Help in marketing, advertisement
  • Fundraising

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