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Business services

To fulfill UNITESERVE’s goal of global economic management and transformation we provide extensive business support services that are related to this goal. We primarily focus on startup businesses and young talented individuals who are contemplating of starting new businesses that plays a role bringing cutting edge science and technologies to solve basic human problems that are global in nature. Currently we are testing and developing infrastructure to build a startup ecosystem that provides a global support to startups.

Please sign up with us to avail our business services, by opening an account and letting us know of your specific needs in the profile section. Below we have listed business services that we are providing. Please click on links available on each topic to know about related business services and know whether you are eligible to participate in each of them. Some of the business services require signing up of non-disclosure agreement. We also invite business service provider around the world to participate in our ecosystem to support startups and would-be entrepreneurs. Please signup to register as a business service provider.

Please know our services are free of charge during 2020 and the service charges for 2021 will be announced during the end of this year. Some of the programs require special teams and research project to satisfy your specific needs, and we will assist in doing that. Fee for this will depend on the program and your needs.


  • Business Consulting: We provide broad consulting program for would be entrepreneurs, startups, and those with established businesses. Business consulting can be done at various levels of engagements. Please click here for more information on the program and how to sign up.
  • Business Networking: We conduct online meetings to build a startup ecosystem. You can sign up to meet and collaborate with other members.
  • Business Evaluation: Signup to get your business evaluated. 1) Evaluation of the management team, 2) Technological infrastructure, and 3) Organizational infrastructure, and much more. This program may require signing up of a non-disclosure agreement.
  • Public Policy consulting: As part of our research programs we are investigating the relationship between organizational policies and public policy. You can consult us how to plan your relationship with the public, and consumers. This program may require creating special team and doing background research work for your demographic needs. This program may require signing up of a non-disclosure agreement.
  • Human resource Services: Our career program aims at training students and graduates to create a fulfilling career. Please signup to receive the following services as part our career development program: recruitment of employees, training of your employees, evaluation of your employees, and other services. Unlike other recruitment services this program is not a passive service that only provides info on human resources, but an active program where the candidates are trained through a long-term career development program. Participating in this program may require signing up of Non-disclosure agreement.
  • Intellectual Property: We provide tracking service for managing intellectual property, and as part of our ecosystem, we can help to get funding, and potential entrepreneurs who like to start this program. Registering of intellectual property will be given by our associates. We can provide the evidence that you have created or owned a content at a particular time.
  • Business Research: To achieve the goal of global economic management we are building models to understand the dynamics of the global economic system. Please signup to participate in this program. Participating in this program require signing up of a Non-disclosure agreement.
  • Promotion and awareness program: Promoting public interest and awareness of various topics related to social and economic advancement. Please click here for more information and sign up to participate in this program.

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